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Trauma 2016: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Day 1 Presentations

Howard Backer MD, FACEP

The California State Trauma System 
American College of Surgeon's System Consultation Recommendations:
Where did we excel and where are our opportunities for improvement?

Robert Mackersie, MD, FACS
Bonnie Sinz, RF, BS

ACS Verification under the "Orange Bood": Panel Discussion
Deficiencies, Strengths, and Weaknesses of the current process

Heidi Hotz, RN - Moderator
Lois Blough, RN
Jan Serrano, RN
David Plurad, MD, FACS

Current Challenges and Disparities in Rehabilitation
How much can we really expect?

Pamela Roberts, PhD, OTR/L
Pat Blaisdel

California's State Trauma System: A Shared Responsibility 
Unity from Diversity 
Robert Winchell, MD, FACS

Today's Trauma Center 
Affordable Care Act: How is it affecting our Trauma Centers?

Bryan Croft, FACHE

A System Approach to Elderly Falls 
How geriatric protocols and guidelines improve outcomes?

Nancy Parks, MD, FACS

Revising California's Trauma Regulations 
What do we need to regulate?
Cathy Chidester, RN

Epidemiology of Trauma in California 
Where is the data leading us?

Steve Wirtz, PhD
Bonnie Sinz, RN, BS

Bringing our Numbers Down
Prevention programs that work!

Ellen Corman, BSOT, MRA

Hot Topics in Trauma Care and Research

Day 2 Presentations

Bonnie Sinz, RN, BS

Case Study: South East Region 
John Steele, MD, FACS

Case Study: Central Region 
Nancy Parks, MD, FACS

Case Study: South West Region 
Gill Cryer, MD, FACS

Improving Time to Definitive Care 
A Level IV Trauma Center's Approach
Dannielle Walls, RN BSN
Cyndy Forbes, RN, MSN

Case Study: North Region 
Faculty to be determined

Case Study: Bay Area Region 
Adella Garland, MD, FACS

Our Trauma System in Action
The San Bernardino Shooting: Terror in our Backyard
Panel Moderator: Nancy Hernandez, RN
Lieutenant David Green
Cindy Serrano
David Turay, MD, FACS
James Parnell, RN
John Ramirez, MSW


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