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EMSC Subcommittees

Strategic Planning: Jim Harley MD (Chair), Bernard Dannenberg MD (Co-Chair), All EMSC members

Data: Bonnie Sinz RN (Chair), Robert Dimand MD, Louis Bruhnke EMT-P, Deidre Gorospe, Leslie Parham RN, Shira Schlesinger MD (Recruit Epidemiologist)

Disaster Preparedness: Cynthia Frankel RN (Chair), Pat Frost PNP (Co-Chair), Cindi Stoll RN, John Lord RN, Art Andres EMT-P,  Candy Schoenheit RN, Ray Johnson MD, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD (Advisor)

EMSC Education Forum: Anne Marcotte RN, Cynthia Frankel RN, Debbie Becker RN, John Lord RN, Joanne Chapman RN, Tonya Thomas

Emergency First Aid Guidelines for Schools/Childcare: Howard Backer MD (Chair), Erin Dorsey RN, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Nancy McGrath RN, Bob Dimand MD, Debbie Becker RN, Tonya Thomas

EMSC Website: Farid Nasr MD, (Chair), Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Jim Harley MD, Bonnie Sinz RN, Mike DeLaby RN, Tonya Thomas

Family Centered Care: Bernard Dannenberg MD (Chair), Nancy McGrath RN, Art Andres EMT-P, Richard Watson, Debbie Henes, Estee Botine RN, Debbie Becker RN; Shira Schlesinger MD

Interfacility Transport Document: Farid Nasr, MD (Chair), Jim Harley MD, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Mike DeLaby RN, Jan Fredricksen RN, Tonya Thomas

Injury Prevention Resources: Patrice Christensen RN (Chair), Debbie Becker RN, Debbie Henes, Wendy Chapman, Tonya Thomas

Pediatric Education (Continuing Education): Ron Dieckmann MD (Chair), Ray Johnson MD, Jan Fredrickson RN, Wendy Chapman

Performance Improvement & Patient Safety Program (PIPS): Marianne Gausche-Hill MD (Chair), Jim Harley MD, Linda Diaz RN, Bonnie Sinz RN, Patrice Christensen RN, Art Andres EMT-P, Nancy McGrath RN, Shira Schlesinger MD, Candy Schoenheit RN

PIPS Subgroups

Medication Safety Committee: Bernard Dannenberg MD (Chair), BJ Bartleson RN, Marianne Gausche-Hill MD, Patrice Christensen RN, Candy Schoenheit RN

Technical Data Group –Advisory to PIP Committee: Bonnie Sinz RN (Chair), Leslie Parham RN, Shira Schlesinger MD, Deidre Gorospe, Mike DeLaby RN, Candy Schoenheit RN, Jim Harley MD, Nancy McGrath RN

Pediatric Readiness: Marianne Gausche-Hill MD (Chair), Ron Dieckmann MD, Nancy McGrath RN, Candy Schoenheit RN

Prehospital Equipment: Mike Delaby RN (Chair), Sam Stratton MD, Louis Bruhnke EMT-P

Subcommittee Activities

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