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EMS Systems Division - EMS Systems Planning and Development

The EMS Authority provides statewide coordination and leadership for the planning, development, and implementation of local EMS systems to include the following:

  • Development of statewide standards and guidelines for EMS systems.
  • Provision of technical assistance to local agencies developing, implementing, or evaluating components of an EMS system.
  • Review and approval of local EMS plans to ensure compliance with the minimum standards set by the EMS Authority.
  • Assessment of EMS systems in order to coordinate EMS activities based on community needs for the effective and efficient delivery of EMS services.
Notice of Proposed Emergency Rulemaking for EMS Plan Appeals to the EMS Commission
State EMS Plan Information

EMSA Guidelines

  • EMSA #101: EMS System Standards and Guidelines Part I [PDF]
  • EMSA #102: EMS System Standards and Guidelines Part II [PDF]
  • EMSA #103: EMS System Standards and Guidelines Part III [PDF]

EMS Plan Documents

  • EMS Plan Instructions (Five-Year) [PDF]
  • EMS Plan Instructions (Annual Update) [PDF]
  • Table 1 (Minimum Standards/Recommended Guidelines) [Word]
  • System Assessment Form [Word]
  • Progress/Objectives [Word]
  • Table 2 (System Organization and Management) [Word]
  • Table 3 (Staffing/Training) [Word]
  • Table 4 (Communications) [Word]
  • Table 5 (Response/Transportation) [Word]
  • Table 6 (Facilities/Critical Care) [Word]
  • Table 7 (Disaster Medical) [Word]
  • Table 8 (Response/Transportation) [Word]
  • Table 9 (Facilities) [Word]
  • Table 10 (Approved Training Programs) [Word]
  • Table 11 (Dispatch Agency) [Word]
  • Ambulance Zone Summary Form [Word]
Local EMS Plan Information

Local EMS Agency - EMS Plan Determinations [Excel]

  • Ambulance Zones, Ground – Exclusive Operating Area Status [PDF]
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