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EMT & AEMT Certification and Paramedic Licensure Verification
Certification and Testing

Student Alert: Before enrolling in an approved paramedic training program be sure to find out the date by which the paramedic training program must be accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of EMS Professions and whether the program will be accredited by the required date. Any student graduating from a non-accredited paramedic program after the date by which the program should have been accredited, may be ineligible for licensure. The required date for accreditation for each training program is noted on the Approved Paramedic Training Program list under Accreditation Status. To find out whether the training program will be accredited by the required date, you should contact the local EMS agency which is the approving authority for the paramedic training program.

Advanced EMT (AEMT)
  • Advanced EMT Regulations   [PDF]   [Word]
  • Advanced EMT Skills Verification Form   [PDF]   [Word]
    • Instructions for Advanced EMT Skills Form   [PDF]   [Word]
EMT Central Registry Information for Certifying Entities
EMT Central Registry User Manuals for Certifying Entities

Only Certifying Entities can access the registry. 

EMTs and AEMTs in need of certification information should contact their local EMS agency and refer to the EMT Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.

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