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Trauma Summit VI

Day 1 Presentations

Howard Backer, MD, FACEP

The California Trauma System and the State Trauma Plan
Robert Mackersie, MD, FACS

Case Studies
John Steele, MD, FACS (San Diego)
David Shatz, MD, FACS (San Francisco)

Regional Cooperative  Network Development
John Steele, MD, FACS (San Diego)
Jay Goldman, MD, FACEP (San Francisco)

Evaluating the California Trauma System: How Do We Measure Up? 

How Can We Improve?

Robert Winchell, MD, FACS

Nels Sanddal, PhD, NEMT 


Best Practices from around the State

John Steele, MD, FACS (South East RTCC)

Gill Cryer, MD, FACS (South West RTCC)


Case Studies

Gill Cryer, MD, FACS (San Diego)

Jim Davis, MD, FACS (San Francisco)


Trauma Performance Improvement & Patient Safety Program

Gill Cryer, MD, FACS


Best Practices from around the State

Jim Davis, MD, FACS (Central RTCC)

Rick Kline, MD, FACS (Bay Area RTCC)

Dave Shatz, MD, FACS (North RTCC)


Trauma System Advocacy:  What are the Opportunities and Obstacles?

Senator Gloria Romero, PhD (ret)

James Hinsdale, MD, FACS

BJ Bartleson, RN, MS

Dan Lynch


Day 2 Presentations

Introduction of State Plan Objectives for Today

Robert Mackersie, MD, FACS

Data, Data Everywhere: The State Trauma Registry and How to Best Utilize It
Bonnie Sinz, RN, BS
Gill Cryer, MD, FACS

State and Local Trauma Plans: How do they Intersect?

Linda Diaz, RN

Bonnie Sinz, RN, BS


California’s Future: Is it Time to Revise Title 22?

Tom McGinnis, NAEMTP


The Optimal Model for Pediatric Trauma Care in California

Cheryl Wraa, MSN, FAEN (San Francisco)

Jennifer Wobig (San Diego)

Mary Hilfiker, MD, PhD

Joe Galante, MD, FACS (San Diego)

Edgardo Salcedo, MD, FACS (San Francisco)



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