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EMT2010 Background Check Process

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Background Check Process

  1. Have your governing board adopt a resolution authorizing your agency to obtain criminal history information for employment or certification purposes using the sample resolution below. (City Council, Board of Supervisors, Special District Board, etc.)
  2. Once the resolution has been adopted, fax the resolution along with a cover sheet that contains your contact information to Nichole Develey at (916) 227-0696.
  3. The resolution will be checked by the Department of Justice staff.
  4. DOJ will forward the resolution to the FBI for review once it has been approved by DOJ.
  5. Once the FBI review is complete they will send me a letter with their findings to DOJ.
  6. DOJ will then send a letter to the requesting agency letting them know if they have been approved or denied.
  7. Once the agency has been approved then they will send in their ORI packet to DOJ for processing.

Time frames (After obtaining the resolution)

  • If you have no current ORI expect 3 to 4 months
  • If you have and ORI but you do not receive FBI information expect 2 months.
  • If you have an acceptable resolution on file and wish to begin receiving FBI or subsequent arrest information expect 1 month.

For the most up to date sample DOJ/FBI resolution language, please contact Nichole Develey of the Department of Justice at (916) 227-2720 or

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