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Health Information Exchange

HIE in EMS  

Connecting EMS to the broader health care system through health information exchange.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines Health Information Exchange (HIE) as "electronic movement of health-related information among organizations according to nationally recognized standards." The goal of HIE programs is to facilitate secure access to clinical data to provide safe, efficient, effective, equitable, patient-centered care. Health information exchange relies on a bi-directional flow of data covering all aspects of the patient care continuum including dispatch, field care, transport, emergency department, hospital admission, hospital discharge, and practitioner care.

EMS is an integral part of the health care system - actions taken by EMS providers at the scene and enroute to the hospital affect outcomes, quality of care and patient satisfaction. HIE allows providers in the field to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically.

Currently, few EMS systems are connected to a health information exchange or other electronic health/medical records system. There are many challenges to sharing of EMS data, including funding, proprietary systems, and a lack of collaboration. EMSA is working to overcome those challenges and support providers, health information organizations, vendors, and local EMS agencies in creating the infrastructure necessary for secure two-way exchange between EMS and other health care providers, facilities and payers.

It’s our expectation that EMS will become a full participant in the electronic exchange of health information in the near term with the capability to:

  • Search a patient's health record for problems, medications, allergies, and end of life decisions to enhance clinical decision making in the field
  • Alert the receiving hospital about the patient's status directly onto a dashboard in the emergency department to provide decision support
  • File the emergency medical services patient care report data directly into the patient's electronic health record for a better longitudinal patient record
  • Reconcile the electronic health record information including diagnoses and disposition back into the EMS patient care report for use in improving the EMS system
HIE in EMS Advisory Committee Members

Member                                                                                             Representing

BJ Bartleson, RN, MS, NEA-BC                                                    California Hospital Association

Paul Budilo,                                                                                      Orange County Partnership Regional Health Information Organization

Daniel Chavez                                                                                  San Diego Health Connect

Cathy Chidester, RN, MSN                                                             Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency

Scott Christman                                                                               Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

Neal Cline, Assistant Chief                                                            Butte County EMS

Robert Cothren, PhD                                                                       California Association of Health Information Exchanges

Mike Dayton                                                                                       San Francisco EMS Agency

Susan Fanelli                                                                                    California Department of Public Health

Jay Goldman, MD                                                                              Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Bruce Haynes, MD                                                                            San Diego County EMS Agency

Chris Jaeger, MD, MBA                                                                     Sutter Health

Andrea Leeb, RN, JD, CIPP/US                                                      California Integrated Data Exchange

Dave Lipin,                                                                                          Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-6

Dan Lynch,                                                                                          Emergency Medical Services Administrators’ Association of California

Dave Magnino                                                                                    Sacramento County EMS

Ric Maloney, Chief                                                                            Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District

Dave Minch                                                                                        HealthShare Bay Area

Leo Pak                                                                                              Inland Empire Health Information Exchange

Erik Peterson                                                                                    California Ambulance Association

Raul Ramirez                                                                                    Department of Health Care Services

Laurent Repass, NREMT-P                                                           Orange County EMS

Mark Roberts                                                                                    Inland Counties EMS Agency

George Sarkis                                                                                  American Medical Response

Elaine Scordakis                                                                             California Office of Health Information Integrity

Patty Skoglund                                                                                 Scripps Health

Dan Smiley, Chief Deputy Director                                               EMS Authority

Sean Turner                                                                                      Dignity Health


HIE in EMS Knowldge Bank

Implementing HIE in EMS

EMSA Press Release: California Receives $2.75 Million Federal Grant to Advance Health Information Exchange for Emergency Medical Services (PDF)

EMSA HIE in EMS Vision Presentation August 3, 2015 (PDF)

EMSA HIE in EMS Overview

EMS Patient Care Reports ARE Health Records - Kevin Horahan, J.D., M.P.H., NRP, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Policy and Planning, HHS ASPR and Rachel Abbey, M.P.H., Program Analyst, Office of State and Community Programs, HHS ONC

Integrating Emergency Medical Services into Health Information Exchanges - HHS ASPR Emergency Care Coordination Center

HHS IdeaLab EMS to HIE Innovation - This project will test the viability of piloting of a single sign-on HIE system in California for providers, including EMS, who serve patients outside of the disaster area.

CA EMS Lumetra HIE Readiness Assessment/Survey - EMSA contracted with Lumetra Healthcare Solutions to determine the initial baseline of health information exchange progress for each of the Local EMS Agencies in California. Brief Summary (Report)

California Strategy for Health Information Exchange in Emergency Medical Services (Presentation)

HIE Services in Support of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Medical Response (Report)

Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Interoperability Vision and Roadmap (Webpage)


EMSA Letter From Dr. Backer - Local EMS Agency HIPAA Responsibilities

California Office of Health Information Integrity - "HIPAA IN FOCUS" Newsletter Archive

Office of the National Coordinator Privacy and Security in Health IT Webpage

Articles of Interest

"Health Technology and EMS: ASPR Launches Campaign to Improve Pre-Hospital Care." In March 2013 a meeting to address the lack of EMS participation in HIE was hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, an office within the U.S. Health and Human Services Agency."

ONC on HIE: Progress and Promise for the Future at the 10-year Mark - The Annals of Emergency Medicine, November 2015

State Gets Federal Grant to Improve Info Exchange During an Emergency - California Healthline, David Gorn, July 30, 2015

"Improving Coordination Between Hospitals and EMS Through Health Data Exchange." California HealthCare Foundation iHealthBeat Blog. June 5, 2014

EMSA HIE Summit Archives

2016 EMSA Health Information Exchange Summit Presentations

Day One

California EMS to HIE, Lee Stevens and Rachel Abby, ONC

ASPR Region IX Brief to the Health Information Exchange, Mark Young, ASPR

NEMSIS at the California Health Information Exchange Summit, Noah Smith, NHTSA

NEMSIS V3 Implementation/Interoperability and HL7, Dr. Clay Mann, NEMSIS

California PULSE +EMS Project to Integrate EMS into HIE, Daniel Smiley, EMSA

Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies, Scott Afzal, Audacious Inquiry

EMS+HIE Proposal Overview, Dan Chavez, San Diego Health Connect

Legal Landscape for Health Information Exchange, California Integrated Data Exchange, Andrea Leeb

Consumable Data Content and Transport Workgroup, Dave Minch and Dr. Jay Goldman, CAHIE and Kaiser Permanente    

Day Two

Medi-Cal and Health Information Technology Opportunities, Dr. Linette Scott, California Department of Health Care Services

California POLST eRegistry Status Report, Kate O’Malley, California Health Care Foundation

Directory Services, Dr. Robert Cothren, California Association of Health Information Exchanges

California Stroke Registry: Linking EMS and Hospital Information to Improve Population Health, Dr. Janet Bates, California Department of Public Health

Health Information Exchange Learning Series, Daniel Smiley, EMSA

HIE Bootcamp Presentations

2014 EMSA Health Information Exchange Summit Presentations

2013 EMSA Health Information Exchange Summit

Program Contacts

Leslie Witten-Rood
EMS in HIE Project Coordinator
(916) 431-3727

Ryan Stanfield
Project Analyst
(916) 431-3730



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