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Hospital Incident Command System - Incident Planning Guides

HICS   Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) 2014

Incident Planning Guides (IPGs)

Click the [Word] to download in Microsoft Word format, click the [PDF] to download in Adobe format. 


All Incident Planning Guides [Word] [PDF]
Active Shooter  [Word] [PDF]
Chemical Incident [Word] [PDF]
Earthquake  [Word] [PDF]
Evacuation, Shelter-in-Place, & Hospital Abandonment [Word] [PDF]
Explosive Incident [Word] [PDF]
Hostage or Barricade Incident [Word] [PDF]
Infectious Disease  [Word] [PDF]
Information Technology (IT) Failure  [Word] [PDF]
Mass Casualty Incident [Word] [PDF]
Missing Person  [Word] [PDF]
Radiation Incident  [Word] [PDF]
Severe Weather with Warning [Word] [PDF]
Staff Shortage  [Word] [PDF]
Tornado  [Word] [PDF]
Utility Failure  [Word] [PDF]
Wildland Fire  [Word] [PDF]


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