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Miscellaneous Statutes Referencing The Emergency Medical Services Authority

Program Area


Paramedic Licensure


Parents in Arrears on Child Support

(Family Code §17520)

Trial Studies

Health and Safety Code §111550 et seq.

Paramedic Blood Draws for DUI

Vehicle Code §23158

Paramedic Enforcement


Due Process – Administrative Procedures Act

Government Code §11400 et seq.

The Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights

Government Code § 3250-3262

Sexually Related Offenses

Penal Code §290


Civil Code §1714.2

Sharing of Investigative Information

Civil Code §1798.24

Investigative Information Exempt From Disclosure

Government Code §6254

EMS Personnel Standards


School Bus Driver First Aid

Vehicle Code §12522

Emergency medical dispatcher training for dispatchers employed by CHP

Vehicle Code § 2422

Licensed Child Care First Aid, CPR, and Preventive Health

Health and Safety Code, §§ 1596.798, 1596.865, 1596.866, 1596.8661, 1799.103

Group Homes and Crisis Nurseries, First Aid, CPR, and Preventive Health

Health and Safety Code, §§ 1530.8

Public Safety First Aid Standards

Penal Code §13518

Automated External Defibrillator

Health and Safety Code §104113

Civil Code §§1714.2, 1714.21

Do Not Resuscitate/POLST

Probate Code §§ 4780 - 4786

Immunity for EMT-Is and EMT-IIs

Civil Code §1714.2

Trial Studies

Health and Safety Code § 111550 et seq.

Use of dangerous drugs or dangerous devices by EMS personnel in ambulances

Business and Professions Code § 4119

Training of personnel and use of epinephrine auto-injectors in schools

Education Code § 49414

Training for teachers in CPR and Heimlich maneuver

Education Code § 44277

AEDs in state-owned and leased buildings

Government Code §§ 8455

EMS Systems


Public Safety Radio Strategic Planning Committee

Government Code § 8592.1

Ambulance driver certification

Vehicle Code § 2512

Disaster Medical Services


Medical control authority of EMSA director in designating the use of health care practitioners or professionals in a state of disaster

(Business and Professions Code § 900)

California Hazardous Substances Incident Response Training and Education Program

Government Code § 8574.21

Emergency response training in SEMS

Government Code § 8607

California Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program

Government Code § 8871.4

Emergency Response to Terrorism Training Advisory Committee

Government Code § 8588.10


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